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Hey Everyone!

Josh (aka @beardmask) here for Wanton Walrus. First, I just wanted to thank everyone who's picked up Cards: The Attackening!™ either directly or as a part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. We're honored to have been included there and we know it's packed with a TON of great games, so we're really happy you've given C:TA a shot! 

Several of you have reached out about the print and play instructions so I figured I'd note it here, on top of responding to your comments. The PDFs are all formatted for 8.5"x11" normal printer paper, not legal paper. You can print it out at home or your local print shop (card stock works best, IMO.) My sincere apologies for the confusion on that front, and thanks again to the folks who pointed it out. 

Lastly, a small request. If you get the time, leaving a quick review would mean the world to us. We've got two more games in the pipeline, one of which we hope to release by this Fall, and user reviews of existing games go a long way towards making that successful.

Thanks for your time and stay safe!

All the Best,

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